October to December 2011

Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Wednesday 12 October 2011


Riley has been for a blood test today to check that her red blood cells are normal before we leave her again on Friday and head off to Japan.  Thankfully her red blood cell count is up to 41.5% and her prednisolone is now being reduced to 1 every 3 days for a week, then 1 every 4 days for a week and finally 1 every 5 days until she goes back for her next check up.


Amazingly her weight was down to 16.8 kg; we thought she might have put some weight on as she is still obsessed by food, but playing with the other dogs all day as well as plenty of walks has obviously counteracted any extra rations.  Unfortunately some of her fluffy toys have not survived the boarding experience so well, and various limbs will need re-attaching when we get back.   Mike


Monday 31 October 2011


Mike is away again, and so I am taking Riley to agility for the next couple of weeks; we didn't want her to miss any beginner classes, as she is still learning to use each piece of equipment.  I usually just watch rather than take part though, and so poor Riley couldn't always tell from my instructions where she was supposed to go.  Do you lose points for jumping over the tunnel rather than going through it?  I think I will stick to doing gun dog training with her.   Jayne


Wednesday 2 November 2011




Tuesday 15 November 2011


Riley was back at the vets for a check up today.  Her red blood cell count was 37.5% (normal 37-55%), and so she is staying on 1 prednisolone every 5 days.  Her weight is 16.7 kg.


Sunday 27 November 2011


Today we went to gun dog training at Wymeswold with the Spanish Water Dog Club.  It was Riley's first gun dog training since the one in April the week before she was ill.  We have been continuing to train her ourselves though.  She is very good at retrieving a ball or dummy and placing it in our hands without dropping it, and also searching for them in rough ground.  So we were really pleased with how she did.  We will now restart training with the Mid Western Gun Dog Club ...  Jayne


Tuesday 6 December 2011


Riley has been to the vets again for a check up.  As her red blood cell count is normal (39%), it was decided that Riley would now stop taking the prednisolone.   Jayne 


Tuesday 20 December 2011


Riley's last check up for 2011, and her first since the prednisolone was stopped.  Her red blood cell count was 42.6% and her weight was 16.5 kg.


We had been convinced that the higher readings coincided with us giving her a small handful of raw steak mince several times a week (a good source of the iron needed for red blood cells), and so we have been doing that since the last blood test (which was just within the normal range of 37-55%); and again her red blood cell count was up in the mid range.  We are therefore going to continue with it.   Jayne







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