January to March 2011

Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Sunday 2 January 2011

Riley is 14 months old today.


Monday 3 January 2011


Today we took Riley to a local show - the Worcester & Malvern Canine Society at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern.  Although there was no SWD class, it was a good opportunity to practice and we had entered her in the A.V.N.S.C. Gundog Junior class.  Mike and Riley did well, and we were pleased with a third.   Jayne


Sunday 9 January 2011


Riley attended her first session of gun dog training with Mid Western Gun Dog Society.  We joined the beginners/puppy group, but she did so well that we have been moved up a class.  I now need to practice with my whistle.  Two blasts for come, one for sit.   Jayne


Thursday 13 January 2011


Riley is having her hip-score assessed today.  Mike wants to start agility with her and so we wanted to check that her hips were fine before he started.  Although we haven't decided whether we are going to breed from her in the future, it is probably worth having it done early, as she is a bit of lemming and charges around without always looking where she is going. So, its off to the vets with no breakfast, as it involves her being anaesthetised for the x-ray procedure, then we wait up to a month for the results from the British Veterinary Association...   Jayne


Sunday 23 January 2011


Off to another show for some pre-Crufts practice.  Today it was the Manchester Championship Show at the Staffordshire County Showground.  As there wasn't a SWD class,  we entered her in the AV Rare Breeds (Gundog) Junior class.  Mike and Riley did well.  They were beaten by two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, but we were happy with a third.   Jayne


Saturday 29 January 2011


This weekend we were in Bourne, Lincolnshire.  Bourne Woods is an excellent environment to get Riley to hunt/search for dummies through bracken and dense undergrowth.  We took it in turns to hid or throw the dummy into the undergrowth and then direct Riley in to find it.  She did really well, and her ability to mark is improving.   Mike


Wednesday 2 February 2011


Riley is 15 months old today.


Friday 4 February 2011


Riley's hip score is back - her score is 8/8 =16.


Saturday 5 February 2011


Today we learnt 'touch' at obedience class.    Riley has to touch the back of my hand with her nose.  Homework for this week is to get her to touch a range of other objects. Jayne


She does pick up new things quite quickly.  We have started playing 'find' at home (hide and seek), where we get her to sit and stay in one room and then hid a particular toy in another.  We tend to use toys that she understands the name for.  She is then sent to find the toy, ignoring any other toys.   She picked the game up within a few minutes and the difficulty is finding harder and harder places to hide her toys.   Mike 


Saturday 12 February 2011


We've been practicing 'touch' with Riley, and she will now touch the back of my hand on command or another object in my hand or placed on the floor.


Today I drove down to Lydney for Riley's obedience class.  Keeping up the obedience classes is definitely good for her (given that she claimed no knowledge of 'down' recently).


Except for a couple of breaches, she remained in the down position off the lead and in a line with other dogs, whilst I stood away from her, as other dogs and their owners weaved in and out.  Time permitting, I am going to try and go as often as possible and it can only assist with the gun dog training and agility.   Jayne

Sunday 13 February 2011


Today was Riley's second gun dog training session.  Very enjoyable, although Riley refused to bring the dummy back to us when she found it.  Two months off now before classes start again on a Monday evening, so time for us to practice everything we learnt.   Mike


Wednesday 2 March 2011


Riley is 16 months old today.



Thursday 10 March 2011


Riley should have been going to Crufts today.  Unfortunately she is in season and so won't be going.  Maybe next year ...   























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