Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Thursday 2 September 2010

Riley is 10 months old today.


Saturday 4 September 2010


I've just been shopping and bought Riley a hard plastic apple shaped paddling pool.  It is smaller than her other one and more practical to keep on the patio (with an identical half which acts as a lid and helps to keep it clean.


She loves to play with the hose as I'm trying to fill it, which usually results in both of us getting wet.   Jayne


Sunday 5 September 2010


Today we drove up to Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry for the City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show ... which was Riley's third championship show.


Unfortunately I missed the deadline for entering the Spanish Water Dog Club Show, which was being held in the morning at the same location; so I was in the dog house!


Nevertheless Mike and Riley had been practicing each day on a small area of hardstanding in front of a barn in the orchards, with me acting as judge.


The regular practice has definitely made a difference, and I was very pleased when she won best puppy bitch ... and even more so when she beat the best puppy dog to win best SWD puppy.


That delayed our return home as they were then eligible to enter the best Gundog Puppy Group at the end of the day.  Unfortunately they didn't get anywhere in that, but it was all good experience; enjoyed by Mike, and we think by Riley too.


Although there is still plenty of room for improvement, when you consider how recently they started showing, they are doing very well.


The other good news is that Riley passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award with me as handler.  She will now be working towards her Silver Award.  Having looked at the syllabus, I'm confident that she can already do many of the tasks; the main area we will need to work on is getting her stay to last two minutes.


She will stay quite happily for 2-3 minutes if we are wandering around the garden; she just seems to have difficulty if we are standing still near her.   Jayne 


Sunday 12 September 2010


Down to Cardiff today to get Albie ready for our holiday next week.


Riley managed to fall in the water again.  I was taking her for a walk along the pontoons; when I looked behind me she was already in the water.  There was a dog on the path above, so I think she was watching the dog and not where she was going.  As usual, she was wearing her lifejacket, so I just had to pull her out, remove the weed from her coat and hose her off on the pontoon.


At least the new genoa is fitted, so, weather permitting, we can set off for Watchet next week.  Jayne


Monday 20 September 2010


The first day of my vacation; I'm just waiting for Mike to arrive back from Valencia and we will be heading down to Cardiff.  There is a change of plan though.  As the weather is good up until mid week and then heavy rain is forecast, we are going to spend the second half of the week in Woolacombe.   Jayne


Tuesday 21 September 2010


Beautiful weather today; difficult to believe that it will worsen in a few days.  Looking forward to taking Riley swimming/surfing in the sea at Woolacombe though.   Jayne 


Thursday 23 September 2010


Today was the first day taking Riley swimming.  As the water is now a little cold, our first stop was to purchase some wet suits and a body board ...


Riley wasn't that keen today; although it was dry, it was windy and therefore the waves were a little high and were washing over her; our wetsuits kept us warm though.  We then headed back to the lodge for a good breakfast.    Mike


Saturday 25 September 2010


After heading down to Woolacombe for a swim with Riley, followed by a cooked breakfast, we set off for Malmsmead on Exmoor to walk along the river.


Riley loved swimming in the river and spent most of the day chargng in and out of the water fetching sticks that we threw in for her.    I should have known that lying out in the sun when there was a wet SWD around was asking for trouble ...   Jayne 


Sunday 26 September 2010


The last day of our holiday.  I'm really pleased at how much confidence Riley now has  in the surf having taken her swimming every morning.  Unfortunately (as you can see from the photo) I don't think I explained water rescue correctly ...   Jayne


Tuesday 28 September 2010


Riley seems to have had an allergic reaction to something she has either eaten or been in contact with; both the upper and lower lids on her eyes are badly swollen.  It is possible that we didn't notice straight away, as her wool is covering her eyes.  It was only because she wouldn't settle that we realised something was wrong.


She has been to the vet for a check up, but he didn't feel he needed to give her any medication.   Mike


Thursday 30 September 2010


After a couple of restless nights for Riley, her eyes are looking better and she appears to be getting back to normal.  Unfortunately we have to drop her off at doggie daycare today as a boarder until Monday, as both Mike and I are due down at the Celtic Manor for the Ryder Cup.  She loves it there though, and although we would rather be home with her, we know she will be well looked after.   Jayne









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