Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Saturday 2 October 2010

Riley is 11 months old today.


Saturday 9 October 2010


Riley has just been weighed at the vets ... she is now 15.85 kg.


Wednesday 13 October 2010


To get another show under our belts, I entered Riley into the Welsh Gun Dog Show at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern.  The trouble with showing is the waiting around, and having arrived at the showground at around 11:00, we finally got into the ring at around 17:00.  By this time she was a little fed up and in a small puppy bitch class, she came 2nd. 


Saturday 16 October 2010


We haven't had many problems with Riley chewing things.  She did go though a stage of pinching sponges from the kitchen and the ball that went into the washing machine, but on the whole, she has been pretty good.


That was until today, when I found a half eaten library book...  Jayne


Wednesday 20 October 2010


Today was Riley's second haircut.  As before, Di Williamson was doing it for us.  Riley was very well behaved, especially considering that she had to have quite a short cut, as since our Devon holiday, her coat just seems to have exploded.  Whether that was due to swimming in the sea, or rolling in the sand to dry off I don't know?   Mike


Sunday 24 October 2010


We drove down to Cardiff last night with the aim of meeting up with friends from Malvern who were in Cardiff for the weekend, and then taking Albie out for a sail.  Unfortunately, we had brought the duvet back with us, and instead of taking that down, Jayne just packed a double sleeping bag ... a double summer sleeping bag.  It was freezing.  At 6.00 am Riley came into our cabin and jumped on the bed. Not normally allowed, but when she disappeared inside the sleeping bag, we left her there, grateful for some extra warmth ...   Mike   








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