JUNE 2010

Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Riley is 7 months old today.


Tuesday 8 June 2010


Today I bought a hide chew for Riley.  A big mistake.  Not only did she immediately dig a hole in the garden to bury it (as you can see from the mud covered nose), but she then proceeded to dig it up and hide it around the garden and house throughout the evening, when she felt its location had been compromised.  I'm still amazed that we have some peas and broad beans in the vegetable patch this year!   Jayne


Thursday 10 June 2010


Jayne was invited to a ball at the Marriott in Bristol by some of her clients.  Although the Marriott wasn't dog friendly, the nearby Ibis was (£5.00 supplement for your dog) and so the three of us headed down to Bristol late Thursday afternoon.


Once we dropped Jayne off, me and Riley headed down to Weston-super-Mare to play football on the beach.


This was the first time that Riley had slept in a hotel room.  Although we had the cage in the car parked in a nearby underground carpark, it wasn't practical for me to carry it into the hotel room, and so Riley slept on her mat on the floor.  She did get up a couple of times (probably because she heard someone in the corridor) and gave a short growl, but we quietly told her to get back on her mat, and she did.


The next morning we took her for a walk on the waterfront and sat outside to have breakfast.  On our way home we stopped off at Croome Park for a walk through the grounds.   Mike


Friday 25 June 2010


As the weather forecast looked good, Jayne took Friday off and we headed down to Cardiff for a long weekend on our yacht Albatross.  Unfortunately, it was only when we got to Cardiff that we realised that we had forgotten Riley's lifejacket ... so she now has two; with one permanently kept on Albie.


In the evening, when it was a little cooler, we drove around to the barrage, and then walked around the bay to Mermaid Quay.  At a certain point on the walk, the pathway runs alongside the water's edge, and as it was still relatively warm, Riley didn't need much encouragement to go in for a paddle to cool off.


We cooled off with a cold beer at Mermaid Quay!   Jayne


Saturday 26 June 2010


Today was Armed Forces Day, and this year it was being held in Cardiff.  We spent most of the day extracting spiders from the exterior and cleaning and reproofing the sprayhood and lazyjacks; and as it was so hot Riley alternated from lying on the cool wooden floor of the main cabin to sitting up on deck being sprayed with water.  At around 5 o'clock we took Albatross out into Bay to watch the air display.  Mermaid Quay itself was packed full of people for the outdoor concert; and all the pay and display moorings there were full.  We therefore opened a bottle of wine, bobbed around in the Bay and watched the air display.  Even the Red Arrows flying overhead didn't wake Riley from her sleep!   Jayne


Sunday 27 June 2010


With all the weekend's jobs on Albatross finished we took her out into the Bay again for some sailing (and to shake any remaining spiders out of the sails).  Although we put Riley down in the main cabin whilst we hoisted the mainsail, she came back up on deck afterwards, and was content to just sit in the cockpit.


Once the new genoa arrives, we shall be taking her out for some sailing in the Bristol Channel.












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