Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Thursday 2 December 2010

Riley is 13 months old today.


Sunday 12 December 2010


Today we headed off to the NEC, Birmingham for the Ladies Kennel Association Championship Dog Show.  We were a bit disappointed that Riley only got a reserve in her Junior class.  We don't intend to take it all too seriously though, so better luck next time ... 


I must admit we (and especially Riley) prefer the outdoor summer shows.  That said, a few shows over the winter for practice can only benefit Mike and Riley.   Jayne


Saturday 18 December 2010


I thought that we had missed the deadline for photos for the Spanish Water Dog Club calendar as we hadn't looked at the site for a while; however we ordered one anyway.


So it was a complete surprise when the calendar arrived and Riley was the pin-up for April.  Mike had sent the photos in and then showed me that we had the missed the deadline.  We are probably extremely biased, but she is very photogenic ...   Jayne


Sunday 19 December 2010


I never get the chance to walk Riley during the week at this time of year, as I leave early and get back late; so I look forward to my weekends with her.


And we have snow to play in.  Riley loves the snow, having spent her first few weeks with us playing in snow nearly a year ago.  I am thinking of getting a toboggan for the two of us; I know Riley would be up for it.


And I finally bought a Landrover for transporting Riley around in on the weekends (in her cage and covered in mud) when Mike is away.  I also get to keep my convertible for the commute.  And as I'm expected to get into the office unless my death en route prevents me, having a 4x4 takes the pressure off.   Jayne


Monday 27 December 2010


Still plenty of snow on the ground so we took Riley out for a long walk to test the new GPS unit I bought Mike for Christmas.  It made it a lot easier to explore new tracks that we hadn't walked before.  At one point we had to walk through a field of sheep, who showed an unexpected interest in Riley and started following us.  It could of course have been that they thought we were bringing them some food.  Although Riley sees sheep on a daily basis, she wasn't keen on a herd of them following her.


The main problem of walking in the snow is that it can form small balls of compacted snow in the wool around her paws. As these snowballs build up they obviously become uncomfortable, and we have to break them off to prevent her limping.  Despite this, she still loves to charge around on new snow and push her muzzle into it.   Jayne


Thursday 30 December 2010


Today we drove down to Somerset to visit Jayne's brother and family and Ruby the Tibetan Terrier.  We took the two dogs out for a walk on the Mendip Hills in the late afternoon to try and tire them out before dinner.


Riley has started wanting to run after joggers and cyclists, and so we have begun putting her on the lead and making her sit as they go past (and telling her to leave) as we don't want to encourage it.  Unfortunately, we got caught out by a jogger appearing from no-where as it was getting dark, who suddenly thought he had acquired a jogging sheep.   Mike
















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