Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog

Monday 2 August 2010

Riley is 9 months old today.


Saturday 7 August 2010


Today we drove the short distance to the Three Counties Showground in Malvern where the National Gundog Show was taking place.  This was Riley's first championship dog show.


The first task was to figure out where everything was (i.e. where Riley was benched so we could get her show number, which ring she was being shown in etc).  We did get a lot of help from the other SWD owners, and some friends from Cheltenham Ringcraft Club who were at the show with their cocker spaniels.  They are big fans of woolly dogs, and are just about to take delivery of a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy.  We were pleased when Riley got second place (in a class of two).  She is now on her way to Crufts ... although we both need to put plenty of practice in before then.   Mike  


Saturday 14 August 2010


As Mike's father was staying with us, and we had a class with Di Williamson at 4.00 pm, we decided to head over to Symond's Yat and take a dog-friendly boat trip along the River Wye.  The rain had obviously kept the tourists away, as we were the only ones on our boat.  There were plenty of people (and dogs) out paddling canadian canoes down the river though.  We've decided to come back another weekend with Riley and hire a canoe.


At Riley's lesson, we worked on her Good Citizen training, but also asked Di to show Mike how to train her to stand, and show me how to get to walk to heel when off the lead.  In the last few months she has become far less scatty and distracted by other dogs.  Certainly the combination of private lessons with Di and the continual exposure to people and other dogs, has produced a lovely puppy.  We are slightly biased though.  And of course Oscar the cat keeps her in check. 


After her lesson we headed back to Symonds Yat for dinner alongside the river at the Saracen's Head.  As usual Riley received plenty of attention.   Jayne


Sunday 15 August 2010


Sunday lunch at one of our favourite Worcestershire pubs.  Riley was happy to sit under the table with the occasional bark at a fat collie that was being fed at the bar.


She has definitely started barking more in the last couple of months, usually because someone has walked past the house (which isn't that often) or has come to the door.   That said, if she is alone in the house and one of us comes back, then she will not bark.  However, if either of us is already in the house and the other one comes back, then she will bark loudly.  People are always surprised at how deep her bark is. 


Also, if Mike is away and I have left the back door open in the evening, then she will sit just inside the door, or stand outside with her front feet up on a low wall, keeping watch, until I close and lock the door.   Jayne


Sunday 22 August 2010


Off to Builth Wells today for Riley's second show ... the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show.  There was no puppy class, so we entered her into the junior class ... and Riley won, out of a class of ... well only Riley; the other two in the class didn't turn up.


Nevertheless, I was pleased by how much Mike and Riley had improved in two weeks.  They have been practicing since the last show, particulary getting Riley to stand for increasing periods of time without moving.  And of course, just going to shows where she is being routinely manhandled by strangers (and which doesn't seem to bother her) is good for Riley as she passes through her teenager stage.    Jayne 









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