APRIL 2010

Life with Riley
  The Diary of a Spanish Water Dog


Friday 2 April 2010

Good Friday, and we're both home.  As the weather forecast wasn't great, we were out walking across the top of the Malvern Hills fairly early.  Riley ran over to one of the electric fences and we think it touched her nose, as she yelped and dashed back over to us.  Wet and windy but a good walk, and more great photos of Riley. 


As it was now fairly wet, we abandoned any plans we had to work in the garden.  Riley of course had other ideas, and started digging one of the vegetable patches.  Jayne

Sunday 4 April 2010


The  weather forecast was better today, so we set off down to Cardiff to check on our yacht Albie.  Riley got to wear her lifejacket for the first time; which was just as well, as later in the day, she fell off the side of the pontoon when not looking where she was going.  Wearing a lifejacket made it very easy to reach down and pull her back onto the pontoon.


We decided to inflate the dinghy and take Riley for a spin in it.  She kept trying to bite the water spraying down either side of the boat when we were going fairly fast, and would have fallen in had I not held on to her.  When we went more slowly, she was happy to just sit in the dinghy. 


After Riley fell in, she fell asleep on the rug that we wrap the outboard in, with one of my fleeces on top,  and happily stayed there for the next hour.  I can't wait to bring her down for longer.  Jayne

Monday 5 April 2010

Mike was playing golf this morning, so I took Riley out for a walk.  Plenty of mud and the usual paddle in the stream.  She has started running along parts of the stream with her face buried in the water.


Riley's puppy teeth have been falling out, and we have now quite a collection recovered from around the house.  Jayne


Tuesday 13 April 2010


Riley loves Oscar the cat, and amazingly Oscar allows her to lick him all around the face and ears until he looks quite bedraggled.  Unfortunately, Riley still doesn't totally understand feline rules of engagement, and looks shocked when Oscar decides he's had enough and swipes her with his paw.  Jayne


Wednesday 21 April 2010


The weather was good, so I left work early with Riley and took her for a walk on the Hills.  It was a good opportunity to get some photos of her before her haircut next week.


Riley usually comes into the office with me now when I am home; either for a full day or the afternoon.  We haven't experienced any problems so far when she is left alone in the mornings.   Mike


Sunday 25 April 2010


We took Riley down to Cardiff again today so we could get a few jobs done on Albie.  She managed not to fall off the pontoon into the water this time, and seemed quite happy to wander around the yacht (although she does need to be lifted out of the cockpit first).  She happily sat at the front and watched the crew of a 42 ft yacht  moor in the adjacent berth.  Mike 


Tuesday 27 April 2010


Today is the day that Riley is getting cut ... and not before time, she is starting to look a little scruffy.  We are taking her to Di Williamson who ran the puppy classes. This means that I can stay with her, hopefully making it less stressful (for both of us!), and also I can learn how it's done.


As instructed, several times during the last two weeks we've lifted her onto the garden table and ran an electric razor (cutting edges covered) around her head and all parts of her body to get her used to the sound and vibration.  This has never fazed her, and perhaps it's the novelty of being on the table, but it almost seems to have a calming effect on her.


True to form, I lifted her onto the table and she stood patiently whilst Di started the trim.  The wool came off very easily and soon she was looking very different to the Riley I'd arrived with.  We paused halfway through to let Riley stretch her legs, having been stood patiently for the best part of an hour.  It also gave us the opportunity to have a cup of coffee.


On we went, and although Riley wriggled occasionally, she was very patient, only restrained by me holding her collar.  The job was probably more complex than I'd imagined; the fiddly bits, such as between her toes, taking time.


Di would normally have bathed and dried her after the cut was complete, and then finally tidied up any bits that needed it.  However the state of one of Riley's ears was cause for concern.  It seems that we haven't been using enough Thornit, or been agressive enough with removing excess hair from inside her ears; a necessity with SWD's.  Di showed me the correct way to look after them and hopefully it should clear up in a week or so.


The cut complete, I seemed to have a completely different dog.  Riley got to play with one of Di's SWDs for a few minutes, and typically showed us up by refusing to come immediately when called.   Mike 











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